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About Spain

Spain is a sovereign state located in south western part of Europe.

  • It is ademocracy organizedin the form of aparliamentary government under aconstitution almonarchy.
  • Spainisdividedinto17regionsand50provinces.
  • Population: 48 Million.
  • Ithasthe5thlargesteconomyintheEuropeanUnion.
  • Climate: The climate of Spain is highly diverse and varies widely depending on whether one is in the North, Central or Southern part of the country.
  • The third country in the World with the most World Heritage sites. Travel time to Spain to Spain is Travel time from Delhi to Madrid is approximately 9 hours 30 mins
  • Spanish is the official and predominant spoken language in Spain.
  • Euro is the official currency of Spain.

Why Study in Spain?


Internship Opportunities in Multinational Companies

Intake & Deadline


Winter –September / October

General Deadline for Applications:

Winter –Up to 31st of July

Entry Requirements

  • Medium of Instruction–English
  • IELTS-Not required
  • Student must be fluent in English with good communication skills. Student has to appear for a Skype interview taken by a University Officer from Spain. The interview is to judge English proficiency of candidate which lasts from 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Academic percentage–60%andabove.
  • GMAT is not required.
  • Usually No Application Fees.

Popular courses

Bachelors Programs – 4Years

Bachelor in Business Administration and Management
Bachelor in Modern Languages
Bachelor in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
Bachelor in Product Design
Bachelor in Graphic Design
Bachelor in Interior Design
Bachelor in Transportation Design
Bachelor in Motion Graphics and Video

Bachelors Programs–3Years

Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Communication &Public Relations
Bachelor of Arts in Leisure & Tourism Management
Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management
Bachelor of Science in Business Finance
Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Management
Bachelor of Arts in Business & Sustainability Management
Bachelor of Arts in Business & Design Management
Bachelor of Arts in Family Business Management
Executive Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts(Hons.)in Business Management
Bachelor of Arts(Hons.)in Business(International Business)
Bachelor of Arts(Hons.)in Business(Marketing)
Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Business (Finance)
Bachelor of Arts(Hons.)in Business(Enterprise)
Bachelor of Arts(Hons.)in Business(HRM)
Bachelor in Interactive Media Design
Bachelor in Business Design
Bachelor in Communication and Event Design
BA(Hons.)Fashion Design
BA(Hons.)Fashion Marketing and Communication

Masters Programs–1.5Years

MBA-International Business
MBA- Communication &Public Relations
MBA-International Marketing
MBA- Global Banking &Finance
MBA- Leisure &Tourism Management
MBA Degree in Leadership
MBA-Sports Management
MBA-Human Resources Management
MBA-Design Management
MBA-Reputation Management

Masters Programs– 1Year

Master in Fashion Management
Master in Design Management
Master of European Design Labs
Master of Product Design Labs
Master of Communication Design Labs
Master of Strategic Design Labs
European Master of Fine Art Photography
Professional Photography
MBA-Master of Business Administration
MBA Sports Management
Master in Bilingual Education
Master in European Union Studies and Human Rights
Master in High Performance Studies
Master in Hospitality Management

Master Courses

MBA -Master of Business Administration
MBA -Sports Management
Master's in Innovation and Tourism Marketing

Schools represented by
Minta Cruz in Spain

UCAM International
Barcelona Technology School
EU Business School
Instituto Europeo di Design
UIC Barcelona